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QuickMD Refund Policy

Effective November 1st, 2023, we have updated our Refund Policy to provide better care to you: Our patients.

QuickMD’s mission is to provide affordable services to patients. QuickMD is transparent on the cost of services, with no hidden fees or taxes. All pricing is published on the website ( and in the patient portal. QuickMD may only issue refunds for services incurred while visiting a QuickMD provider or using a QuickMD direct to patient service (e.g. QuickMD mail order pharmacy).

Patients are able to book appointments directly in the QuickMD app (Click Here), allowing for the selection of an appointment at a convenient date and time. Our scheduling process allows for flexibility and is tailored to fit each patient’s specific needs. While we understand that everyone has emergencies and other unexpected circumstances, QuickMD asks that patients please reschedule or cancel their appointment a minimum of 2 hours before the scheduled appointment start time. Alternatively, patients can notify our support team (Click Here) in the event they are unable to make the scheduled appointment a minimum of 2 hours prior to the scheduled appointment’s start time.

QuickMD Credit/Refund Process

QuickMD’s policy may provide a credit to a patient’s account for missed, canceled, or unsuccessful visits (defined as visits that did not start for technical purposes.) It is the easiest way to help more quickly reschedule appointments.

Any credit that may be applied to the patient account must be used for the immediate next service rendered. Patient accounts cannot have multiple credits at one time and are limited to one credit per 12 month period.  Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis and at the sole discretion of QuickMD management. Any issued credits must be used within 6 months of being applied to a patient account. Unused credits that have expired cannot be used, applied, or reinstated after the expiration period.

For patients who have completed a successful visit, QuickMD cannot provide a credit or refund for the cost of the visit. Successful visits are defined as visits in which the patient is able to complete a phone or video consultation with their provider, regardless of the treatment plan or outcome.

We may only provide partial credit for weight loss treatment services that include the cost of the medication from the mail order pharmacies if the order has not shipped. In addition, if there is an issue with shipment (damage, or lost medications), QuickMD may issue a partial credit to an account provided QuickMD receives documented proof of damaged goods. Documentation required may include an image of the damaged product clearly showing date/time of the picture and/or other information as requested by Customer Support to resolve the concern. Patients can also request a replacement by contacting Customer Support.

QuickMD may issue the partial credit to an account within 2-3 business days after contacting Customer Support minus the cost of the medical visit and any administrative fees as applicable. 

  • For patients who experience issues with their pharmacy, please have the pharmacist contact the Pharmacy Support line directly. This is the fastest way to resolve any pharmacy related issues. Please note, pharmacies are able to redirect prescriptions to another pharmacy if the pharmacist does not fill the prescription. This is a one-time exception rule from the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). QuickMD may be able to assist by contacting Customer Support (Click Here). QuickMD is not responsible for a patient’s ability to obtain a prescription from their local pharmacy.
  • For patients who schedule multiple appointments due to prescription questions, without contacting Customer Support, patients may only receive a partial refund as deemed appropriate by QuickMD.
  • For patients who scheduled an appointment in the incorrect state, Customer Support may reschedule an appointment with a physician in the patient’s applicable state after an additional $35 administrative fee has been paid. Reminder to patients: All prescriptions for any service must be prescribed in the same state as the patient’s location, per DEA regulations.


  • For patients who would like to switch between weight loss treatment programs, there are no additional charges for rescheduling as long as the patient contacts the Customer Support team (Click Here) at least 2 hours before their scheduled appointment time.
  • For patients who experience a technical issue during the visit, the visit may be rescheduled to another date and time as mutually agreed. The technical issue will be escalated to support for resolution in a timely manner. Please note: Any issues specifically related to the patient’s device and/or software being outdated, damaged, unusable, etc. cannot be resolved by QuickMD. QuickMD is only responsible for technical issues directly related to the QuickMD software. If the QuickMD technical issue is resolved, and the appointment is rescheduled, there is no refund or credit applied. QuickMD may refund the patient if the patient is unable to complete the rescheduled visit due to an unresolved technical issue, as deemed appropriate by QuickMD management.
  • QuickMD may issue a full credit if the scheduled appointment is for a service not provided by QuickMD.

To have a credit balance refunded, please contact the support team (Click Here). Refunds may be processed within 30-days of the original charge date and must be refunded to the original credit card used. If the original credit card is expired, inactive, or otherwise unusable, QuickMD may accept and work with the patient to process the patient’s refund using an alternative method. Refund requests typically take 1 to 2 business days to process and could take an additional 3 to 7 business days to appear on a credit card account. Patient accounts are limited to one refund per 12 month period. 

For a first-time patient who was not able to fully complete a first visit, QuickMD may issue a full credit, at the discretion of the company, provided that no doctor’s note or other services were completed.

QuickMD does not prescribe controlled substances, with the exception of Suboxone, for the treatment of Opioid Use Disorder (OUD). When an appointment is scheduled, physicians will create a treatment plan that is applicable to an individual’s specific health and care needs. QuickMD does not provide a refund for successful visits (as previously defined in this policy.)

QuickMD does not prescribe Buprenorphine Monoproduct without submitted, valid documentation there is a reported intolerance to Suboxone. A reported intolerance must be verified by a previous prescription with a documented trial of Suboxone, where there was a reported adverse reaction.

As with all medical practices, QuickMD does not guarantee its providers will prescribe any particular medication simply because a patient has booked and paid for an appointment. QuickMD physicians prescribe medications using their best professional and medical judgment, and in accordance with state and federal laws. Failing to receive a prescription for a particular/preferred medication does not entitle patients to a refund. This does not apply to appointments for services not provided by QuickMD, which are still eligible for a full credit.

QuickMD reserves the right to change, add to, or delete this policy without any prior notice.  Additionally, we reserve the right to issue an exception to this policy at any time based on specific circumstances the company deems appropriate at the time of the visit or customer support ticket.