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Services we do not offer

We do NOT treat medical or surgical emergencies

This includes symptoms like:

- Chest pain
- Severe abdominal pain
- Shortness of breath (other than mild asthma)
- Confusion
- Stroke symptoms
- Trauma
- Psychiatric Emergencies

Please call 911 if you are experiencing an emergency.

We do NOT prescribe controlled substances or other high-risk medications.

This includes:

- Barbiturates
- Narcotics
- Benzodiazepines
- Products containing Marijuana
- Medications for acute heart problems
- Transplant medications
- “Biologicals”
- Hormone Therapy (other than birth control)
-Subutex (unless you have a proven medical allergy with medical documentation that can be provided)

Please note that we DO prescribe Buprenorphine (Suboxone) for Opioid Use Disorder. We will also ONLY prescribe medications to patients that are medically necessary and appropriate for the diagnosis.

Disability Forms, Workers Comp Forms, etc.

We do NOT write disability forms, workers comp forms, forms exempting patients from vaccines or mask wearing, etc.